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SiteWeaver Live


SiteWeaver Live is browser based, content management software that is specifically designed to manage small commercial Web sites.

This tool will help you add value to your internet services by providing your customers with a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) solution for Web site content management. With SiteWeaver Live, your customers need not know anything about FTP, HTML, Telnet, HTTP, or imaging.

If they can surf the Internet, they can maintain their own professionally looking website. This product has been in huge demand for a long time with the request that customers have a quick, non technical way to add to their website, and an easy way to change just about any aspect of it.

----------------Key Features and benefits-----------------------

1. The WYSIWYG editor allows anyone without knowledge of HTML to make changes to the site, including the ability to change font size, color, image placement and manipulation, tables and links.

2. Customers can use an intuitive management system to create new pages, manage existing pages, delete pages and control the content. Fortunately, customers will not have the access to manipulate their own site templates. This was intentional to prevent customers from destroying their site structure by accident.

3. This is a browser based program, so an Internet connection and up-to-date browser are the only requirements. (For best results, IE on the PC is best. Please see note below regarding this caveat.)

4. Customers can cut and paste directly from Microsoft Word and Excel and retain the font formatting, colors, bullets/alignment and table structure. This is a very cool feature with huge customer benefits!

5. There is a help system written into the programming to allow your customers to learn about the tool without needing hands-on training from your team.

6. There is an automatic backup system that creates a backup of every changed page and allows the customer to quickly recover from mistakes.

The caveat is that this program was designed for Internet Explorer 5.0 and above on the PC. The most powerful part of this program is the editor, which is an Active-X plug-in built into the last few versions of IE. The editor WILL still work on the Mac and in Netscape, but customers just wont be able to have the editing features and will have to edit the HTML directly.

-----------Ground rules----------

This product has been beta tested by several markets but is still in its infancy. As such, we have not worked out all of the details. From a legal perspective, it has been recommended that we make you aware of the following for this initial release:

1. This product can not be installed on non Morris servers at this time. We are looking into providing other options with 3rd party servers in the future.
2. Clients pay for the right to use the software, not for the software itself. As such, your contracts should reflect that this is a software license.
2a. The software license does not transfer with the client if the client changes hosting agreements or moves to another provider.
3. Software may not be copied, redistributed, or modified by unauthorized personnel.
4. Software is not for personal use and is restricted to be solely used by Morris Communications, it's Subsidiaries and their customers.


1. Site Weaver Live is a free product for you to use on Morris owned sites.

2. If you choose to use SiteWeaver Live for your commercial sites, there is a one time fee of $1,200. You pay this once. You may deploy this product on as many or as few commercial sites as you wish once you purchase the commercial license. MDW suggests a MSRP of $2,000.

3. To use SiteWeaver Live, for your own sites or for commercial sites, you must complete, sign and return via fax the agreement to Barbara Slack, office manager of Morris Digital Works. The fax number is: 706-828-4304 She will keep your paperwork on file and will alert Support who will help you with your installations.

User Documentation:

Help documentation for this product is contained within the client.

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For more information regarding SiteWeaver Live, please contact your Property Representative or call 706-828-2955 and press 2 at the prompt.